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Flashberry intro builder overview. This help section describes how you can personalize your flash intro appearance by changing the position, color and size of your selected flash templates or by inserting your own content.

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Flashberry Intro Builder Overview

Components: main menu, preview area, edit panel

Edit Panel
insert, modify or delete intro objects
Main Menu>Edit
Components: background, movie clip, image, text, link and sound.

Background Object
modify your flash intro background
Main Menu>Edit>Background
Components: color

Movie Clip Object
insert, modify or remove a vector based animation
Main Menu>Edit>Movie Clip
Components: color, position, theme

Image Object
insert, modify or remove a vector based image
Main Menu>Edit>Image Object
Components: color, position, theme

Text Object
Main Menu>Edit>Text
insert, modify or remove text
Components: color, position, edit text
Current text-effects: 10
  • insert up to 9 pages of text, each containing as many rows as you want

Link Object
Main Menu>Edit>Link
insert, modify or remove link
Components: color, position, edit link
  • modify both the link text and address
  • the link url can point to an internet address (http://www.somedomain.com) or to an email address (mailto: somemail@somedomain.com)

Sound Object
Main Menu>Edit>Sound
insert or remove sound
Components: theme

From File Object
Main Menu>Edit>From File
insert, modify or remove your own graphic files
components: position, jpg
  • upload your own graphics and use them in your intros
  • currently available only jpg files
JPG Object
Main Menu>Edit>From File>JPG
insert, modify or remove your own jpg files
  • upload and use non progressive jpg files up to 20K in size

Color Tool
change the color of the current object
  • select from the 216 already defined colors or create your own by inserting its hexadecimal code (#FF00FF)
  • visually compare the current color with the previous selected one at all times

Position Tool
change the scale and position of the current object
  • selected position reflects the object's upper left corner
  • change position by manually inserting coordinates values or by mouse dragging the X and Y axes
  • coordinates values can be either positive or negative allowing only a part of the current object to be displayed if this is desired.
  • zoom in and zoom out from 10% to 300%
  • reset your settings to a predefined centered position and 100% scale

Theme Tool
change the template of the current object
  • select from a drop-down list a template category and then simply click on the one you want to insert

Save Options
save and download your project
Main Menu>Save
  • along with your intro you can save a html file to embed it. for this to work, both files must have the same name
  • specify the width, height and position of your presentation in the html file or select the full screen option
  • save your presentation first, then the html file


1. You don't have to use all the available objects (movie clip, image, text, link, sound, jpg) to create great looking presentations. In fact, if your project becomes too crowded we recommend dropping some of the objects.

2. You can position objects outside the viewing area in order to make them only partially visible.
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Requirements builder:
Macromedia Flash Plug-in 6 or higher
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or higher
resolution: 1024x768 or higher

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